2022 — UI Design

Development: Daria Kuznetsova, Koen de Goffau


Mercuur's is a Dutch company which offers catering at a private and business level, events organisation, and private lunch and dinner experiences within the Netherlands. Mercuur's needed a website re-design as the previous one no longer respected the quality of services they offered.

Mercuur’s wanted to elevate their image and for this reason the new site would have to be simple, elegant and classy, capable of communicating a feeling and sense of quality that respected the one offered throught their service.


The task represented by this project, as per client request, did not involve any re-definiton of website architecture nor user flow. It consisted on a designing a more modern and subtle user interface of old and new pages. This first started with the creation of lo-fi wireframes, it then conitinued with a careful research on photography, colors, and fonts, and proceeded with hi-fi prototypes.