Flirt Creativity

2022 — UX/UI Design

Development: Daria Kuznetsova, Koen de Goffau

Flirt Creativity is a creative agency based in The Netherlands focused on branding, advertising, production and digital innovation. Flirt’s website no longer reflected the quality and standards of its works.

The new site would have to be simple, easy to understand and navigate, and free from repititiveness and disorganisation. It would have to reflect in its semplicity new Flirt’s projects and would have to still keep that distinctive and impactful identity that distinguishes Flirt.


The project strated with a careful observation of data retrieved from Google analytics and a research session which analysed in detail the site, identifying and outlining missing UX principles. At the same time, individual interviews were conducted to locate additional technical issue of the site that might have been missed during the previous research.

With the data collected, wireframes were first sketched and later tuned into hi-fi prototypes. User testing and feedback rounds followed and eventually led to the adjustment and final develivery of the project.